A variation on a variation!


I loved the variation on the Colette Sorbetto top I found on one of my favorite blogs Ginger Makes . I therefore set about altering my pattern as she explains and cut out my yoked top.

I decided to do away with the bias tape on the original top and i made facings for back and front. This worked well.

What didn’t work quite so well was that I failed to take into account that the lovely lady behind ‘Ginger Makes’ is very dainty and so the gathers work well on her. Let’s just say that I am not quite so slight of figure and managed to make it look like a smock.

I therefore went back to the pattern and put the original pleat back in but this time under the yoke variation. I have had to do some tweaking on the fit, and I am not sure I would make it again in this design, but it is wearable. The pattern is a free download and is worth experimenting with.

My top was made from Rose and Hubble 100% Cotton fabric. I think I will get my daughter to take photos for me in future as mine aren’t the best.

I think it is back to the drawing board with this one.

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